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What is colourless, odourless, tasteless, and the only substance on the planet that can occur naturally as a solid, liquid and gas? It’s water! Water is all around us and is the most important resource on earth because everything living creature needs it to survive.

When you first hear the term ‘watershed,’ you may picture a storage building that holds water, but this isn’t the type of watershed we’re talking about. Did you know that every person lives in a watershed? Every rain drop or snowflake that lands in a watershed becomes part of the hydrologic cycle. A healthy watershed will act as a sponge, slowly absorbing and releasing water.

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National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, n.d.

While exploring this website you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about watersheds including the hydrologic cycle, learn how your lifestyle affects the environment, and educate yourself on ways that you can become a watershed steward!

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