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Becoming a Watershed Steward

Any steps you take towards conserving water or preserving the environment can add up to making a big difference. You can save 60 gallons of water a day just by fixing one leaky faucet! There are many things that you can do around your home, or in your community that will help protect your watershed.

Calendar Contest

Part of ensuring your watershed is protected is to educate members of your community on ways they can conserve water and prevent environmental damage. One of the ways you can encourage members of your community to protect our watershed is by participating in BRWA’s annual calendar contest! The contest is open to students of all grades to encourage awareness about our watershed. This year’s theme is, “What’s your favourite memory in the Beaver River watershed?” Visit our Calendar Contest page for more details.

Water Wisely

We all need water to survive, and plants and trees are no exception, however they don’t always need as much as water as we think! Watch the weather forecast, and if it’s supposed to rain in the next day or so, hold off on watering your plants. You could also set up a rain barrel to collect any precipitation and use that to water your plants.

Grow Wild

Ever heard of the term xerogardening? It may be difficult to pronounce, but it’s not difficult to do! Xerogradening involves growing drought resistant plants and trees that are designed to reduce your water usage, and often don’t require any additional watering at all. Bonus points if you grow plants that are native to Central & Northern Alberta! You’ll be helping the environment as plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and their roots will help to prevent soil erosion. Want a new trick to tell if your lawn needs watering? If you walk across the lawn and the grass doesn’t bounce back up, then it’s time to water! When you do water your lawn, try to do it before 8am to avoid losing too much from evaporation.

Race the Clock

Did you know that taking a short shower instead of a bath can ultimately save 20-30 gallons of water? Next time you take a shower, grab a kitchen timer and try setting it for 5min. See if you can beat the 5 Minute Challenge! Encourage family members to do the same for a little friendly competition that will help save the environment.

Battery Scavenger Hunt

When batteries end up in landfills, the harmful chemicals could potentially seep out into the ecosystem. Check out the battery scavenger hunt activity to figure out how and where you can safely dispose of batteries in your hometown.

Water Conservation 101

For other great tips on how you can help conserve water in your own home check out “Water Conservation Throughout the Home

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