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Stewardship Support

The BRWA strongly supports the work of local lake and watershed stewardship groups. Due to the high number of accessible recreational lakes in the watershed, there are several groups of local citizens committed to the health of their lakes. Whenever possible, the BRWA will work with these stewardship groups in one of the following ways:

  • Partnerships on assessment and reporting initiatives (including cost sharing)
  • Support of management planning objectives, notable on-the-ground restoration work
  • Partnerships on education and awareness campaigns
  • Technical support in management planning, grant writing, and other initiatives
From the shores of the provincial park

From the shores of the provincial park

Some examples of support the BRWA has provided to stewardship groups:

Moose Lake Watershed Society: Walking With Moose Program

Skeleton Lake Stewardship Association: Wetland Restoration

Muriel Lake Basin Management Society: Riparian and Drainage Survey

If you are a member of an active stewardship group and would be interested in partnering with the BRWA on a project or initiative, please contact us!

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