Manatokan and Jackfish Creeks

Chapter 9: Manatokan and Jackfish Creeks (full chapter download)

The Manatokan and Jackfish Creek sub-watersheds are two smaller drainage systems that join the lower Beaver River. They are nestled between the populated White Zone to the south and less developed Green Zone to the north. Many different types of development are present, including significant agricultural use (crops and pasture) in the south and oil development around Tucker Lake. Recreational use is also high in the area.

Ch 09 Manatokan_Jackfish Fig 1 Map


Although these two sub-watersheds drain into the lower Beaver system, annual contributions from each tributary are much lower than that of the nearby Sand River. Much of the area, notably large portions of the Jackfish Creek sub-watershed, is considered non-contributing drainage. The landscape itself is mostly forested, but most land clearing is concentrated in the southern portion of each sub-watershed near the Beaver River.

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The high presence of different types of development in these sub-watersheds, along with the slow-flowing and shallow water systems, leads to lower scores for most health indicators. Most land development is concentrated in the southern portion of each drainage system.