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Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan: Our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan describes the function, organization, current projects and future initiatives for the BRWA. This key document is updated every year in order to ensure that what we do is relevant. It also allows us to discuss the organization itself and determine if our processes can be improved.

Operating Plan: The BRWA’s 2017-18 Operational Plan is a guiding document for the current year. Much like the Strategic Plan, it outlines initiatives that are planned to take place, but focuses on developments over a single year as opposed to five¬†years.

Education and Communication Plan: This plan was developed in order to fulfill the education-related objectives outlined within our mission. The three-year plan outlines key activities and outcomes from 2017 to 2020.

Terms of Reference: The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the BRWA provides an explanation of how our organization functions. The ToR, in other words, defines our scope and responsibilities. It also describes how the BRWA’s Steering Committee is organized.

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