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In 2006, a group of engaged citizens and sector representatives met with Alberta Environment in order to establish a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Beaver River basin in Alberta. On March 13, 2007, the BRWA was granted designation as a WPAC by Alberta Environment.

Since then, we have worked to engage citizens and gather information on the health of the watershed, with the end goal of producing a comprehensive management plan. Some of our key milestones have included:

  • 2009: In partnership with Alberta Health and Wellness: a community groundwater monitoring program for trace metals
  • 2010:In partnership with the Alberta Conservation Association: a fish-based index of biological integrity for the Beaver River and selected tributaries
  • 2012: An aerial survey of the riparian zone of the Beaver River
  • 2013: Hosted the provincial WPAC Summit in Cold Lake
  • 2013: The State of the Beaver River Watershed
  • 2014: Initiated the Index of Aquatic Ecosystem Vulnerability (AEV) project
  • 2015: Began drafting of the Beaver River watershed Integrated Watershed Management Plan
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